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5 or more most fashionable “Aperitivo” drinks in Ostia

5 or more most fashionable “Aperitivo” drinks in Ostia
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This important pre-dinner custom, all Italian (although the origins date back to none other than Ancient Greece, with the “vinum hippocraticum”) is both an opportunity for relaxation, social gathering and a moment in which to indulge in a greedy drink, perhaps accompanied by some tempting snacks.

Whether at the end of a tiring working day, a social occasion or still barefoot on the beach, perhaps in front of one of the spectacular sunsets of Ostia, these are the most requested “Aperitivo”:



A “classic”, both in the traditional version based on “Prosecco” and the Aperol liquor, or the “stronger” version with Campari.

Spritz Hugo

The newest and most appetizing variant that includes the addition of elderflower syrup together with mint (and sometimes a slice of green apple instead of the classic lemon).


Another great timeless classic, based on bitters, soda and red Vermouth. His name is a tribute to the great boxer Primo Carnera, when he fought in the American rings.


“Regular” or “Wrong”, it is one of the most successful aperitifs of recent years, even if it was born in the twenties (of 1900): it is a variant of the Americano, with gin instead of soda.

Moscow Mule

Fresh but of character, based on vodka, lime and ginger beer: it is the “hip” of the season.


Made with brown sugar, lime, fresh mint and white rum. An immortal in the summer, but a good choice all year round.

Martini cocktail

Based on gin and dry vermouth, in the Dirty, Gibson version, Vesper has always been an icon of class.

And what happens when the desire to “drink well” goes beyond Aperitivo time?

You enter a world of elegant and serious gestures, with a retro and original taste, of refined and engaging flavors:
the Mixology, last strong trend of mixed drinking, oriented to involve all the senses telling the story of the ingredients that give life to complex and elegant cocktails.

There are several places in Ostia, often with an intimate atmosphere and a little “old fashion”, where you can enjoy a classic or a “new Era” cocktail. Here are some of the most served in the world:

Old Fashioned

Born at the Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, based on Burbon or Rye Whiskey, Angostura bitters, sugar and a few drops of natural water


Fresh Caribbean cocktail made with rum, sugar syrup and lime.


One of the most popular cocktails for its countless appearances in films, based on whiskey, red vermouth and gin.

Whiskey Sour

Invented by a certain Elliot Stubb: bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup.


Based on tequila, triple sec, lime juice and salt.


A cocktail that was born in New Orleans, based on cognac, absinthe and a few drops of bitters.

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