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Building known as “the Parrot”

Building known as “the Parrot”
Architecture Culture

It was designed in 1929 by the architect Mario Marchi, who was also the author of another building in nearby Piazza dei Ravennati.
“the parrot”, a nickname given to the building, comes from the particular polycromy of the surfaces (yellow, green, red).
The building belongs to the transitional phase between traditionalist and modern architecture named “the other Modernity”.

It is situated on the square that once was the Grande Piazzale Popolare (now
Piazza Anco Marzio), facing the promenade.
It is a big C shaped complex with an entrance located on the back side.

The building is inspired to the German Expressionism, particularly to the big Wien public houses of the socialist period (Höfe). Moreover the elements that make up the building refer it to the tradition of the Roman palaces.

Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli, 88

VisitOstia - palazzo detto "il Pappagallo"
VisitOstia - Palazzo "il Pappagallo", l'angolo tra Piazza Anco Marzio e il Lungomare (anni '30)

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