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Building of the Municipal Delegation

Building of the Municipal Delegation
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The building is in the Civic Center, the area that the designers of the City Plan of the 1916, wanted to look like a Roman Forum.

It was built between 1924 and 1926 and is composed of three sectors organized around a quadrangular courtyard with a well.
In this work the author, Vincenzo Fasolo, combines medieval elements with details of the sixteenth-century Venetian tradition.

On the external and internal facades you can see nice encaustic decorations by Bruno Calzolari.

Unfortunately in 1943, the destruction of the Roma-Ostia railway terminus, which was designed as a twin to the Roma-Piramide station by Marcello Piacentini, deprived the Delegation building of its surroundings: the unity of the square that can be seen in the photos taken before the Second World War has therefore been lost.

Via Claudio, 1

VisitOstia - Palazzo del Governatorato, veduta su piazza della Stazione Vecchia (anni '30)
VisitOstia - Palazzo del Governatorato, il fronte su via Claudio

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