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Capocotta naturist oasis

Capocotta naturist oasis
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Naturism on the coast of Ostia

Those who love all over tan, in Ostia have a dedicated area. It is the naturistic oasis of Capocotta, at km 9,300 of via Litoranea.

The municipality of Rome was the first to reserve an area to naturism, that is to all over tan. Rome City Council decided it back in 1999 under the pressure of various  associations (UNI Lazio, International Naturistic Association, Italian Naturistic Federation FENAIT).

This oasis is one of the most beautiful beaches along the Lazio coast.
It is inside Capocotta, a dune beach of mediterranean scrub which goes fron km 8,800 to km 10,000 of via Litoranea Ostia – Anzio.

The naturistic oasis has free access and you aren’t obliged to suntan all over. Some other restrictions, for personal privacy, have to absolutely be respected. Visitors are invited to ‘have a civil and polite behaviour, to respect other people’s privacy and to avoid any kind of exhibitionism’. For this reason, any kind of video or photographic equipment is not allowed.

Capocotta Naturistic Oasis provides all the necessary amenities to relax on the beach: there are two lifeguards, you can rent loungers and beach umbrellas, there are showers, toilets, a bar and a restaurant overlooking the sea (also open at dinner time in the summer). The facilities make this a place worth while visiting for those who visit Rome. It is also one of the celebrities favourite spots.
The surrounding area id totally uncontaminated, also because it is one of the last spaces of mediterranean scrub along the coastal strip and it id protected by the EU.

How to reach it

You can reach the Naturistic Oasis of Capocotta getting off the train Roma – Lido light rail at Cristoforo Colombo station. There you catch the ATAC 07 bus which arrives up to Torvaianica – Campo Ascolano.
This bus runs from 7 am to 10 pm during Summer. There is also a direct ATAC bus n. 070 from the Metro B station Eur Fermi, up to Cristoforo Colombo station, then get on the ATAC 07 bus.
Departures are about every 25 minutes.

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