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Nature: activities and itineraries

Nature: activities and itineraries
Naturalistic itineraries Nature What to do

A naturalistic walk in Castel Fusano pine forest

A walk in Ostia in the pine forest of Castel Fusano can last up to 3 h. it lets you discover a unique ecosystem, delicate and fascinating, which combines the coastal dunae, the Mediterranean scrub and, after the reclamation, the domestic pine.

This forest hosts a wide variety of wild animals: foxes, porcupines, weasels are just some of them. The flora is composed by: holm oaks, domestic pines, the typical Mediterranean scrub, myrtle rosemary and heather. The walk lets you admire via Severiana with its Roman pavestones, which linked the port of Ostia Antica to Terracina and the rests of a Roman mansion known as Villa di Plinio (Plinius’ Villa).

VisitOstia - pineta di Castelfusano

Visit the LIPU (birds conservation association) Centre at Idroscalo

A protected area in Ostia, near the Tiber’s mouth which hosts nearly 200 species of birds among which the elegant red heron. It is a successful environmental reconstruction of a coastal pond. Its track includes a nature track with three big huts for birdwatching and huts to take photos, a butterfly garden, an open air didactic classroom. The cultural centre Mario Pastore hosts cultural research and awareness raising events.

During the visit you dive in a natural and primitive context where man doesn’t belong and where nature reigns supreme.

VisitOstia - centro naturalistico LIPU

Visit to the Presidential Estate of Castel Porziano

The Castel Porziano Estate is the most important coastal forest in Italy. It is an area of absolute importance thanks to its environmental diversity of flora and wildlife. It keeps together the primordial coastal dune (before reclamation), the holm oak, oak, pine woods and the humid and water environments.

The biodiversity and uncontaminated view fans find, during this visit, many breathtaking discoveries, one after the other.
An experience difficult to forget.

VisitOstia - Castelporziano - dune di Capocotta

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