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a place where Sport, Culture, Nature and Beaches merge together in surprising beautiful ways.
VisitOstia is your guide to experience the uniqueness this destination has to offer: flourishing nature, architecture and history,
charming sunsets on the beach and large areas dedicated to open air activities and sports or to spend lazy days with your feet in the sea water. 
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Ostia is: Sport

Indoor and outdoor sport has always been one of Ostia’s vocations, thanks to its great sport and water facilities. On its territory you can find various federal centres: Pala Pellicone for judo, weight lifting, wrestling and martial arts, Polo Natatorio of the Italian Swimming Federation, a stadium for football, rugby, athletics and Fiamme Gialle’s multi purpose sports centre. Many elements make Ostia a city of sports: healthy air, extensive natural spaces available, a strong local sport tradition and last but not least, the low average age of the residents.

Ostia is: Culture

Ostia is tightly connected to Rome being only 20 km from the Colosseum, but along the centuries it has had particular functions for the Eternal City. It was its port through which the Empire not only imported food and precious marbles, but also sent its troops to conquer the Mediterranean. Ostia has been a first line response of the papal kingdom against the Saracen invasions. The ancient ruins, the medieval towers, the modern buildings are Ostia’s heritage which should really be visited.

Ostia is: Nature

Ostia is Rome’s sea, the Tiber’s mouth, central Italy’s green lung. Sixteen km of sand plus the only Italian sea oasis called Tor Paterno. They represent a naturalistic offer of unrivaled value: the Mediterranean scrub dunes and the beaches overlook the clean sea in which you can easily swim (as ARPA – Regional Agency for Habitat Protection) declares. It is framed within by an area of 16.000 hectares of pine forest, most of which is intact and wild, because it is reserved to the Quirinale. These enrich the offer making its microclimate perfect, the Tiber’s mouth, with its damp areas and the Centro Habitat Mediterraneo, are a privileged observation point to discover wildlife and vegetation.

Ostia is: Beaches

10 miles of sandy beaches is undoubtedly the main resource of Ostia, although not the only one.
Being on the coastline guarantees the city a temperate climate, sufficiently warm in winter and cool in summer, but also makes it a suitable place to enjoy the beneficial effects of the sun and iodine.
The long stretch of sandy coastline, with free or perfectly equipped beaches, together with the cleanliness of the water (the ARPA data certify it), make Ostia the ideal place for lovers of beach life and water activities.

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