Five Movies to discover Ostia

Practically since the birth of the cinema, Ostia is the ideal set for the most important directors of our history and not only. In fact, over 130 films offer, at times, even just one scene set in Ostiensian locations, as documented by the book "Ostia set natural" (the book, 2014). A city characterized by a [...]

Five books to discover Ostia

Due to its historical and urban peculiarities, Ostia boasts numerous publications dedicated to her. The town, in Roman times, represented the "mouth" of access to the capital of the Empire (toponymy etymology derived from Os or Ostium), reaching about 50 thousand inhabitants, mostly dependent on the activities of the nearby port of Claudio first and [...]

Five main courses you can’t miss

Like any good seaside resort worthy of respect, Ostia too boasts an amazing cuisine with main courses based on seafood. The Borghetto dei Pescatori and the nearby Fiumicino canal-port flotillas ensure top quality and optimal quantity of seafood every day but, as is well known, seafood seasonality and, above all, Chef's art makes the real [...]

Strutture consigliate da VisitOstia

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