Dolphins watching

The stretch of coast that goes from the mouth of the river Tiber to the shallows of Tor Paterno has become a suitable habitat for the presence and reproduction of dolphins: splendid marine mammals that in recent years delight with their presence the clear waters of the Ostia coast. The sighting of dolphins, together with [...]

Castel Fusano

Castel Fusano park is reachable from Rome by car taking via Cristoforo Colombo (the last two traffic lights, Ostia Lido direction, are within the Reserve of Castel Fusano) or by train, using the Roma-Lido light rail line to Ostia Lido (the stops where to drop off the train are "Castel Fusano" or "Cristoforo Colombo"). As for the [...]


Pianabella is an agricultural area located next to Ostia Antica (after the bridge over the railway, leaving Ostia Antica town on your back), walking down the road that passes by the local Cemetery (via di Pianabella) In the II century was a cemetery. It was an expansion of the Laurentina necropolis. Some splendid Roman sarcophaguses [...]


The entire coastal area was composed by dunes which were over 10 mt high. These have been destroyed by an extreme urbanization of the territory. The majority of the dunes which survived are now within the Litorale Romano Reserve. A dune is an accumulation of sand created by the wind. It raises the finest sandy [...]

Castel Porziano

The Presidential Estate of Castel Porziano is heritage of the Presidency of the Republic. The access is not free and you have to book a visit. The park covers an area of 59 square km (5.892 hectares) and it is 24 km from the city centre. It arrives to the sea. The other two borderlines [...]

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