In Ostia there are five theaters with a regular scheduling all year round, joined in Summer by the suggestive Roman Theater in Ostia Antica.

  • Teatro del Lido, via delle Sirene 22 (Phone: +39(0)6.5646962), proposes prose shows, concerts and shows for children in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. The theater is set in a modern structure built in the early 1900s.
  • Teatro Nino Manfredi, via dei Pallottini 10 (Phone: +39(0)6.56324849), offers a rich contemporary programming, comedies and monologues, proposed in a modern structure also featuring an exhibition area.
  • Teatro Dafne, Via Mar Rosso 327 (Phone: +39(0)6.5667824), is the scenic area of Ostia with the longest continuous activity. It proposes annual theatrical seasons with shows by residents and guest companies, with training of young actors at every level.
  • Teatro Pegaso, Viale Cardinale Ginnasi 12 (Phone: +39(0)6.5665208), it is a small but welcoming space in which are staged shows often involving interaction with the public or the result of the efforts of the actors of the school.
  • Teatro Fara Nume, Via Domenico Baffigo 161 (Phone: +39(0)6.5612207), is characterized by music shows and commedies.

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