EU Emergency phone number: 112


  • Carabinieri Ostia Group – Via Alfredo Zambrini 48. Phone: +39 (0)6.5620201
  • Carabinieri Ostia Company – Via dei Fabbri Navali 27. Phone: +39 (0)6.5630811
  • Carabinieri Ostia Antica station – Via delle Saline 25. Phone: +39 (0)6.5650003


  • Ostia Lido Police station – Via Giuseppe Genoese Zerbi 98/a. Phone: +39 (0)6.5636011

Municipality of Rome Local Police

  • Gruppo X Mare – Via Capo delle Armi 58. Phone: +39 (0)6.67696250

Firefighters – Phone: 115

  • Ostia Fire engine Via Angelo Celli 4. Phone: +39 (0)6.5601960


  • Ares Ambulances – public service Phone: 118
  • G.B. Grassi Hospital – Emergency – Via Gian Carlo Passeroni 28. Phone: +39 (0)6.56481. Open h24
  • Primary Cures Group – Healthcare assistance (public service) Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli, 230. Holidays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm

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