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Ostia a city for Sports

Ostia Lido, set between the blue of the water of the Mediterranean sea and the luxuriant green of the pine forest (Castelfusano, Procoio and Acque Rosse), is a sports city: with 14 Km of shoreline and about 10000 Acres of forest, blessed by a particularly favorable mild climate (about 250 sunny days each year!), is the ideal location for open-air activities and sports.

Ostia and Running:

Running is one of the most appreciated open-air sports in Ostia:

a percentage of amateur runners per inhabitant, among the highest in Italy makes this city unique in the national Running scenario: Ostia is in fact home to important road and Triathlon competitions, which attract athletes from all over the country.

Ostia offers a variety of routes so broad that one can run up to 40 Km without setting a foot twice on the same path.

Ostia and Windsurfing:

Windsurfing in Ostia means sailing the waves in the waters where this sport landed and became famous in Italy, in the ’80.

Today the coast of Ostia is one of the most known spots where to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing: often happens to cross paths with the athletes competing in the Italian Olympic teams, during a training session.

Surfing and SUP are as appreciated as the other water sports, thanks to the particularly mild whether that allows the practice of these sports in Summer as well as in Winter.

Ostia and Sailing:

Sailing in Ostia has a long and prestigious tradition that gave birth to champions of Atlantic crossing and sailing.
The conditions are perfectly suitable for amateurs and skilled athletes and every year Ostia is the race course of important regattas, hosted by the many clubs located along the coast or the Tiber estuary.

Vela kite surf lega navale
Beach volley a Ostia

Ostia and the Beach volley, tennis and soccer:

Thanks to the 14 Km of sandy beaches, Ostia is simply the natural choice for the practice of these sports.

Many international and national events are hosted along the coast and the number of athletes choosing these sports is increasing, facilitated by the many beach courts and volley and soccer fields, equipped for the practice both in daylight and at night time, in Summer or Winter.

Ostia and Cycling:

Practicing cycling and mountain biking in Ostia means joining a community of passionate athletes that cross the dirt trails in the pine forest of Castelfusano or take advantage of the many Kms of sandy coast, riding south.
More routes suitable for cycling and mountain biking are found riding from Ostia to the banks of the river Tiber, through the nature reserve of the coast, joining the bicycle tracks that go inland.

Ostia and Horse riding:

Horse riding in Ostia makes for a fantastic occasion to get in touch both with the nature of the pine forest and the beach.

Thanks to the many riding schools scattered on the territory, this sport is made accessible to newbies, skilled riders or to the occasional amateur riders wishing to experience an easy ride through the woods, along the river banks and the coast.

National level sports facilities

Ostia is site to sports centres of national importance:

Polo natatorio (the swimming centre), born in occasion of the World Swimming competitions in 2009, has 3 olympics size pools, 2 indoor and 1 open-air, today regularly hosts swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming competitions and is used as well for the regular practice of both professional and amateur athletes.

Pala Pellicone (Pala FIJLKAM), the arena dedicated to Judo, Karate and martial arts in general, site of the Olympic federation, is a facility used by athletes training for the highest national and international competitions.

The arena for Judo, Karate, Wrestling and martial arts

Named in memory of the president of the Italian federation (FIJLKAM), Matteo Pellicone, is also known as Pala Fijlkam, the olympic centre was inaugurated on April 25th 1990, from a project ordered in 1986 by the Municipality of Rome on an area of about 16000 sqm.

The arena is located in Via della Stazione di Castelfusano, in the eastern side of the town, well connected to the center of Ostia Lido and to Rome city centre by the Roma-Lido light rail (Castelfusano station is only few meters away).

Not only the structure is meant to be used for competing and training but offers facilities for studying and hosting conferences, as well.

Besides the arena, the olympic centre includes four gyms, dormitories, medical centre for sports and health medicine, federal offices, meeting centre, canteens, a library and a federal museum.

The swimming stadium (Polo Natatorio)

Operational since 2009, was built in occasion of the World Swimming Championships in Rome,  and has grown as a point of reference to the Italian federation (FIN) for the preparation of the coaches and training of the national teams for swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming.
There you can meet both the olympic medalists and the future champions of these sports.

The facility is also open for everyday activities and swimming schools for professional athletes and amateurs.

The stadium is located in Via delle Quinqueremi 100, in the close proximity to the beach and boasts an open-air 50m long swimming pool, a 33m long indoor swimming pool and a smaller swimming pool dedicated to the youngest athletes, a gym, dormitories, a canteen and a congress centre.

Ostia is the sports destination of choice in Latium Region, proposing an offer for the widest range of needs: whichever the season you choose for spending your time in Ostia, the opportunities to stay fit, continue your training or experience new sports are countless and will fit the needs of both the skilled and the beginner athlete.

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