VisitOstia - Ostia, il mare per tutte le stagioni

Ostia, a seaside resort for every season

Ostia was the Roman Empire door to the sea, the coast where Romans sailed from to conquer the Mediterranean. It is also, though, a seaside fun location of modern times.

The images which better remind us of Ostia are those in black and white, the films, the trip by train or on small crowded cars to reach the beach where to have a bath, to sunbathe, to escape from Rome’s high temperatures, where to start a relationship or where to cheat your partner.
Customs and habits which now belong to the past.

Today sunbathing is devoted to comfort, wellness, health, tourism. Beaches are now included into elegant and well equipped resorts. The sand is cleaned daily, the cabins are comfortable, the food areas are inviting, the staff is expert and always available.

The beaches offer areas dedicated to sport activities, pools, exotic bars, dancing and musical entertainment.

At sunset, the beach does not go to sleep, it changes aspect. It becomes the location for fun and intrigue. It also becomes a dance floor or where to chat with friends listening to music.

Those who believe that after the summer everything finishes, is wrong. Ostia has a mild climate and also in Winter there are many sunny days. You can walk on the beach, look at dozens of different landscape views: boats in the port, the Mediterranean scrub, the sand, the reefs that emerge near the beach.

Also with bad weather, wind, storm, rain and cold, Ostia is magic.
You can observe all this behind a window in a restaurant or bar which overlook the sea, where you can enjoy the ancestral pleasure of being safe, of having a nest, a feeling that a person has at any age.

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