The Summer days in Ostia begin early in the morning:
enjoy an invigorating walk (or a run, if you are of a sportier nature) along the shore, an intimate moment to share between yourself and the morning tranquillity of the beach; Ostia Lido boasts over 10 Kms of sandy beach, that you’ll be able to follow along almost uninterruptedly in the direction of the rising Sun.

VisitOstia - chioschi sulla spiaggia

On the way back to the Centre of Ostia you can stop for a delicious breakfast, perhaps on the beach by one of the kiosks of an equipped beach or in one of the beach resorts or again at the Fishermen Village: is definitely plenty of choice on where to drink a good cappuccino and taste a great just baked “cornetto” or a freshly squeezed fruit juice, if you are into a more healty alternative.

So as Ostia is the seaside of the Capital, Ostia Antica used to be the harbor of the Ancient Rome and still is the largest archeological park of central Italy (almost twice as big as the more famous Pompeii). The archeological park of Ostia Antica, partially shaded by the pine forrest, allows you literally to take a walk through history, along the Decumanus Maximus and among the workshops of the ancient market, discovering a roman settlement uniquely characterized by its features.

VisitOstia - scavi di Ostia Antica

The park and the reinassance village (with the Castle of Julius II and the cathedral dedicated to Sant-Aurea) facing the entrance to the park, will make for a great culture focused morning at only 5 Kms from the centre of Ostia, easily reachable in 10′ by train (Roma-Lido light rail, “Ostia Antica” stop) or by bus (ATAC, line 04 “Romagnoli/Scavi di Ostia Antica” stop or “Romagnoli/Castello” stop).

And now, it’s time for the beach: a refreshing bath, a few hours of lazy rest laying on a lounge chair in search of the perfect shade of sun tan or involved by the animation staff in lively sports or wild dancing, this is entirely up to you! But the best moment to fully enjoy the beach comes with the sunset: the magical hours when the heat of the day fades and the mood gets more relaxed, painted by the warm colors of the sun about to say goodbye;
the time for the aperitivo has finally come!

This genuinely-italian habit is at the same time an opportunity of relaxation, aggregation and social sharing and the Summer of Ostia presents it in multiple and colorful alternatives:
cultural” aperitivo, with reading of poems or books, film screenings of vintage films, yoga and meditation, live music, dj sets, accompanied by quick snacks, as a prelude to dinner, or the increasingly popular “apericena“, with buffet and themed food and wine proposals.

The common feature is always the sea, a good drink and the desire to take advantage of the day as long as possible, surrounding yourself with people wishing to do the same.

The night at dinner or in the after-dinner follows on with a pleasant walk in the pedestrian area or in the surroundings of the centre of Ostia, where at Summer time there is usually musical entertainment, cabaret or theatrical representations or again a bit of shopping through the open-air markets, perhaps tasting a delicious homemade ice cream.

Call it a day and savor the next one to come; or, if you have the will and energy to go on, choose the place that suits you the most among the various proposals of night-life entertainment hosted by the beach resorts and enjoy the beginning of your next day in Ostia.

VisitOstia - Ostia area pedonale centro storico

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