The 20 must-see architectures in Ostia

From the suggestive public and private buildings of the 1920's, characterized by graceful historical references and inspired by the Roman Baroque style, from the liberty and neo-medieval repertoire, to the disruptive Rationalism, in which some of the most famous Italian designers express at their best the adherence to the compositional modalities of the Modern Movement, [...]

The Marina of Ostia

It is located at the westernmost side of Ostia Lido and it is very easy to reach by car from the nearby Fiumicino airport, it is the ideal place for a walk, to ride a bike and to go jogging. The piers, which are packed with boats, sailing boats, pleasure crafts. These piers stretch for [...]

Castel Fusano pine forest

A walk in this park, the largest in Rome, is a must for those who love to immerse themselves in the green forgetting the stress of everyday life. The pine forest stretches for a length of four kilometers and a width of two and inside there are several predetermined paths, which make this place ideal [...]

The Borgo of Ostia Antica

Spectacular, magnificent, emotional: these are the right words to describe this little borgo (village) in Ostia Antica. It is a small place, full of history, which must absolutely be seen and lived to enjoy its timeless charm. It hosts exhibitions and events, very often it is a cinema set for films or ads. Many people [...]

The Borghetto dei Pescatori

The Borghetto dei Pescatori (the Fishermen's village) is a small settlement of six two storeys buildings, located in Eastern Ostia, next to the Canale di Fusano (Canale dello Stagno, the Fishermen's canal) just by the beach. Since a few years this area is pedestrians and included in the eco-touristic itineraries along the roman coast for its interesting [...]

Tor Boacciana and Tor San Michele

In Ostia there are two places of historical value, not accessible to visitors but which it is worth to see at least from the outside. Tor Boacciana In via Tancredi di Chiaraluce, on the corner with Ponte della Scafa (which links Ostia to Fiumicino crossing the Tiber river), is Tor Boacciana. It was built in [...]

Pasolini Literary Park

Pier Paolo Pasolini is an Italian poet, writer, film director, screen writer, playwright and journalist. He is considered among Italy’s most important intellectuals of the 20 th century, who was killed on 2 nd November 1975 in Ostia, in a muddy open space among the shacks and a football pitch. Immediately Ostia wanted to dedicate [...]

Piazza Anco Marzio

This square has always been Ostia’s most important meeting point. It still has its original feel, with its shops, restaurants and bars all included in what is a totally pedestrian area. It is the ideal location for who wants a cup of coffee, an ice cream, an aperitif or for those who prefer having lunch [...]

Il Pontile and Piazza dei Ravennati

"The meeting point" during the hot Summer nights as well as the beautifil days in Winter, when the favourable weater conditions allow to enjoy the breath taking sunsets of Ostia at their best. Il Pontile (the pier) is definitely a landmark of the city. From there the view is free to wander over the water [...]

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