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The Marina of Ostia

The Marina of Ostia
What to do

It is located at the westernmost side of Ostia Lido and it is very easy to reach by car from the nearby Fiumicino airport, it is the ideal place for a walk, to ride a bike and to go jogging.

The piers, which are packed with boats, sailing boats, pleasure crafts. These piers stretch for 1200 mt, which are completely pedestrian and they run alongside a cycling path arriving from the seafront.

Slightly inland we find a very long building, with porticoes, inspired to Emperor Claudius’ port. It hosts shops, bars, restaurants where you can eat, have an ice cream or taste Ostia’s famous apericena (a sort of happy hour where drinks are accompanied by a light dinner)

Just behind it is LIPU (bird protection organization) Mediterranean Habitat Oasis. Here a coastal pond has been recreated. It hosts over 200 species of birds, some of which extremely rare. You can also take naturalistic photos along a path equipped with huts, to look at the birds unseen and learn about them and how to protect them.
It was designed in the 90s of the last century within a wider project aiming at upgrading the entire area. it was unveiled in 2001.

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