Bathing resort “Plinius”

In 1931 the Lungomare Duilio (the seafront road, on the eastern side of Ostia Lido) was prolonged (because of the city plan of 1916) and this allowed the use of the eastern beaches, close to the pine forest of Castelfusano and very beautiful from a landscape and naturalistic point of view. In 1933 it was [...]

Bathing resort “Lega Navale”

It was strongly wanted by Achille Starace, Secretary of the National Fascist Party and Special Commissioner of the Italian Lega Navale. It was built in 1937 in rationalist forms by the engineer Corrado Giovannetti. The complex is developed on three floors: the main building is off-center with respect to the lot axis and the main [...]

Bathing resort “Kursaal”

The “Kursaal” bathing resort was inaugurated on June 15th 1950 with a very important ceremony in front of many authorities and people; it soon became the new visual landmark of Ostia, substituting the bathing resort "Roma". It was designed to satisfy an elite clientele in search of luxury. It offers an incredible view and it [...]

Bathing resort “Duilio” (now “Capanno”)

It was designed in 1936 by the very famous architect Luigi Moretti for the "Società Elettroferroviaria italiana", owner of the beach lot. It is composed by two rectangular blocks, accessible from the coastal road by a large staircase. The two smaller buildings contain the direction and the offices; they are connected above by a a [...]

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