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Bathing resort “Kursaal”

Bathing resort “Kursaal”
Architecture Culture

The “Kursaal” bathing resort was inaugurated on June 15th 1950 with a very important
ceremony in front of many authorities and people; it soon became the new visual landmark of Ostia, substituting the bathing resort “Roma”.
It was designed to satisfy an elite clientele in search of luxury. It offers an incredible view and it is easily accessible from Rome, thanks the road Cristoforo Colombo. It also benefits of the
homonymous railway station.

The complex was designed by Attilio Lapadula and it was built by Nervi & Bartoli Company. It has high level modern spaces like the restaurant-bar building, that has a circular shape with a mushroom shaped vault which is supported by one central pillar. The lines crossing the ceiling absorb all the possible vibrations or strains.

The design leaves the hall completely free from any kind of architectural element. All around it
there are sliding windows which allow a fantastic view to the sunset.

The project of the rhomboid ribbing is an idea of Pier Luigi Nervi, who used it in some other buildings. It also makes unique the building of Attilio Lapadula, who had the idea of the diving
board too. The joint venture between these two designers has created a unique element which has a great scenographic effect.

VisitOstia - Stabilimento Balneare Kursaal, interno del ristorante (anni '50)
VisitOstia - Stabilimento balneare Kursaal - Il trampolino
VisitOstia - stabilimento "Kursaal (anni '50)

Like the Rotonda, the diving board is in concrete. It has been designed with an enormous K feature in the middle (logo of the “Kursaal”), surrounded by an external circle; behind it are the stairs which take to the four diving platforms.

“Kursaal” has been for years and years a focal point of Rome’s nightlife and an emblem of the economic recovery of Italy after the Second World War. The Rotonda and the swimming pool have been chosen by many film directors as shooting sets.

Lungomare Lutazio Catulo, 36-40

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