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Bathing resort “Duilio” (now “Capanno”)

Bathing resort “Duilio” (now “Capanno”)
Architecture Culture

It was designed in 1936 by the very famous architect Luigi Moretti for the “Società
Elettroferroviaria italiana”, owner of the beach lot.
It is composed by two rectangular blocks, accessible from the coastal road by a large staircase.
The two smaller buildings contain the direction and the offices; they are connected above by a a thin horizontal structure.
For the shape of the elements and for its details (the porthole windows, the flagpoles, the balustrades shaped with horizontal pipes) this complex is similar to the naval architectures.

The entrance is perfectly aligned with the lot belonging to the “Immobiliare Tirrena”, located on the opposite side of the road: this particular shows the attention of the designer towards the surrounding urban context.

Piazzale Magellano, 41

VisitOstia - Stabilimento Balneare Il Capanno (ex Duilio), il fronte verso il lungomare

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