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Bathing resort “Lega Navale”

Bathing resort “Lega Navale”
Architecture Culture

It was strongly wanted by Achille Starace, Secretary of the National Fascist Party and Special
Commissioner of the Italian Lega Navale. It was built in 1937 in rationalist forms by the engineer Corrado Giovannetti.

The complex is developed on three floors: the main building is off-center with respect to the lot axis and the main floor contains the offices and a restaurant boasting a beautiful view of the sea. The topmost floor hosts service rooms and a solarium while the lowest floor contains storage areas for the boats and the sailing school.

The facade facing the sea is characterized by a large terrace, semicircular in shape like that side of the restaurant salon; instead the elevation facing the seafront road is just a flat surface with very few openings.
The building is similar to a boat, including decorations and details common to naval design (balusters with horizontal rods, flagpoles, etc).

Lungomare Caio Duilio, 36

VisitOstia - lo stabilimento balneare della Lega Navale

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