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Bathing resort “La Pineta” (now “Vecchia Pineta”)

Bathing resort “La Pineta” (now “Vecchia Pineta”)
Architecture Culture

Like the other bathing resorts built on the eastern beach of Ostia Lido (Plinius and Rex bathing resorts), “La Pineta” (the “pine forest”) is designed with valuable architectural features and services for a wealthy clientele:
it was in fact frequented by members of the Capitoline nobility, who could also take advantage of one of the best restaurants in Rome.

VisitOstia - Stabilimento Balneare La Vecchia Pineta
VisitOstia - stabilimento balneare La Vecchia Pineta (anni '30)

It was designed by the engineer Giovanni Sicher and the architect Virglio Vallot for the “Società Elettroferroviaria Italiana” (SEFI).
The complex is composed of a central building and of wooden cabins arranged towards the sea. The central building has a large restaurant room with large windows that allow a view of the sunset over the sea, and is inspired by the architectural principles of the Italian Novecento Style”.

Recently the central building has undergone an extensive remodeling operation that has fortunately only partially altered its original appearance.

Lungomare Lutazio Catulo, 9

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