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Tramonti Suite is an apartment designed to offer you all the comforts of home with the addition of the sense of freedom and warmth that only a view of the sea can make you feel:
fill your eyes with the blue of the Mediterranean and the evocative colors of the sunsets of Ostia.

The penthouse with a view furnished in soft and natural colors has a bedroom, living room with kitchen, bathroom and two livable terraces, one of which is panoramic set right in front of the bedroom.

Perfect for vacations for two, business travelers.
Non-smoking venue
Pets not admitted
You should know:
Tramonti Suite is located on the third and top floor of the Hotel La Scaletta, with which it shares the entrance:
you will have all the security of a 24-hour manned access and a reception service that will be able to help you professionally if necessary.
The building has an elevator up to the 2nd floor; the apartment is accessed by climbing one further flight of stairs, therefore accessibility is unfortunately limited for people with walking difficulties.
fully featured kitchen (refrigerator, freezer, oven, gas stoves, cooking tools)
Nespresso coffee machine
Smart UHD Tv
Air conditioning in all the rooms
Heating in all the rooms
High speed WiFi
Smoke sensors
Carbon monoxide detection sensors
Fire-fighting equipment

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14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00


14:00 - 23:00

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