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Sotto al mare” is an Association built and run by a team of biologists and naturalists united by the same passion for their territory, the sea and its splendid creatures!

The Association proposes eco-tourist raft trips: you will be able to discover and learn more about the marine fauna of Ostia sea and spend a formative, fun but also relaxing day!

The team will be ready to tell you more about the species encountered. In the sea of Ostia, in fact, it is not uncommon to observe: manta rays, sunfish, turtles, seabirds of all kinds and dolphins too!

During the boat trips you can admire the animals free in their natural environment enjoying the luck of the meeting but having care not to bring them any disturbance, behaving like guests, as you are when you are out sailing!

If your idea is to spend a day on a boat out on the sea, under the sun, the wind gently blowing your hair, wanting to take a dive in the clear blue water off the coast, yearning for some animal sighting on the horizon, guided by hospitable people and a competent Team: the Association Sotto al Mare awaits you!


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