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Piazza Anco Marzio

Piazza Anco Marzio
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This square has always been Ostia’s most important meeting point. It still has its original feel, with its shops, restaurants and bars all included in what is a totally pedestrian area. It is the ideal location for who wants a cup of coffee, an ice cream, an aperitif or for those who prefer having lunch or dinner.
You can also have the famous krapfen which are released from a mechanical airship, which is really famous also in Rome.

The square was initially called Grande Piazza Popolare (the large square of the People) and was included in 1916’s urban development plan. It has a great location because it overlooks the sea with a little garden which hosts the statue of Pier Paolo Pasolini by Pietro Consagra.

Inland it links to various roads which form the original core of Ostia’s historical centre: towards east via dei Fabbri Navali full of period villas and via dei Misenati, whose 1920s’ buildings are a great view; towards west we find via Lucio Coilio with its curvy flow. The architects of the time wanted to give this city the sensation of not being monotonous and so it reflected their idea of a garden on the sea. Along this read there are many precious buildings that still represent Ostia’s original feel and layout.

Nonetheless the square remains a focal point thanks to Edmondo Del Bufalo’s 1929 eclectic building, inspired to and old reinassance factory. It is on the corner with via della Stazione Vecchia.
On the other side there is a smaller unit dated 1922 which initially was an inn, but that now hosts some shops.

The two most important elements though are seafront: eastwards Palazzo del Pappagallo (the Parrot) designed in 1929 by Mario Marchi. It name comes from all the colours used on it and westwards two twin villas built in the 1920’s whose facades recall the Roman barocque, with a suggestive neo medieval twist.

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