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Church of Santa Maria Regina Pacis

Church of Santa Maria Regina Pacis
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This project of the Church of Santa Maria Regina Pacis is the second one in Ostia Lido. The first one was Marcello Piacentini’s marine hospice for children.
It is easily understandable the level of importance Paolo Orlando gave to the church: he demanded the realization of the project as quickly as possible so that the presence of the church, could testify the final establishment of the marine district.

The church rises on the highest dune, in a dominant position, facing the sea.

It was designed in 1916 by the architect Giulio Magni, but it was finished only in 1928 because of the many financial problems.
The church is a basilica with a single nave; it has communicating side chapels and a dome on the transept.
Its appearance and its layout are clearly inspired to the 16 th century churches; in particular Santa
Maria Regina Pacis is similar to the Chiesa del Gesù by Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola in Rome.

Magni’s historicist approach can be found on the outside too: the facades recall the Roman imperial
architecture, because the architect wanted to give the idea of a new Ostia reborn after the great Ostia

Piazza Regina Pacis, 13

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