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The Coast Eco-museum

The Coast Eco-museum
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It is a historial and anthropogical museum, designed established and run by CRT (Cooperative Research on Territory).

It is a private institution born in Ostia Antica in 1978 which aims at promoting recovery, study, archiving and enhancing the historical and anthropological heritage of the coast. A group of researchers who gave life to CRT, since the beginning, has used interdisciplinary research methods and multimedial detection techniques, which have brought to significant scientific results.
All this allowed to retrace in an original and systematic way the characteristics and the identity of the Tiber’s mouth.

At the end of the 80s, CRT dedicated to designing and organizing the Ecomuseum. It was unveiled in 1994 and it is located near Ostia Antica’s scooping system plant. It is dedicated to the reclaiming works and to the great physical and anthropological changes at the Tiber’s mouth, it is the only museum dedicated to anthropology in this area.

The museum

The museum contains two complementary and integrated tours on the museum and on the environment.

First tour

The first is outdoors and it focuses on the reclaiming works: the high and shallow water canals, the big collection tank for the shallow ones, the ancient and modern scooping systems. Inside the main building, which dates back to 1884, it is possible to admire the machine room in its original conditions, the first hydraulic lifting pumps are still working today.
In the gardens there are some full scale models of the huts and of some of the tools used for farming.

Second tour

The second tour is indoors. It is divided into various sections which represent various topics and moments connected to the reclaiming and to the physical and anthropological changes in this territory. The coastal agro before the 19 th century, the countryside’s health and sanitary conditions, the legislation to improve the Capital, the discoveries on how malaria spread, the anti malaria battle, the establishment of a cooperation for workers from Ravenna, the reclaiming of the territory, the birth and development of contemporary settlements.

In the various halls of the museum there are many photographic documents, memorabilia, remains, household objects, original farming tools, songs, sounds, video and audio tracks of the protagonists and owners of life memories of the last century and a plastic scale model of the reclaimed area. There is also a special model with hydraulic lifting pumps, which simulates the functioning of the reclaiming plant.

Since 1997 this Ecomuseum is recognized by the Region and it has been included in the Regional Museum Organization and in the Demoanthropological Thematic Museum System.


Address: Via del Fosso di Dragoncello 168, Ostia Antica
Telephone: +39 338.2074283 / +39 333.2897679
Openings: Saturdays 11:00 am / 06:00 pm, Tuestays and Thursdays 10:00 am / 01:00 pm
A reservation no later than 24 hours prior to the visit is needed in case of groups and school groups
Cost: free offer
Guided visit: €7.00 / for school groups €120,00 (up to 20 peple)

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