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Architecture Culture

The O.N.B. (Opera Nazionale Balilla) was designed in 1936 by Paolo Benadusi. It has a perimeter scheme and is composed by three sectors joined together: this solution allows to leave a central area for open air activities.

The complex has large dormitories able to accommodate up to 300 children.
The architecture design shows a rational approach, which is evident also in the choice to use different shapes in each of the three blocks.
Very interesting is the angular sector, characterized by a semi-cylindrical volume which acts as a hinge between the two orthogonal roads.

Corso Duca di Genova, 22

VisitOstia - ONB, veduta del fronte su corso Duca di Genova (anni '30)
VisitOstia - ONB, veduta del fronte su corso Duca di Genova (anni '30)

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