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Ostia Antica bicycle path

Ostia Antica bicycle path
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Get deep in the green Castelfusano urban park is one of the largest green lungs of the city of Rome, easily reachable by train.

The cycling itinerary along via di Castelfusano is a proposal that allows you to visit Ostia Antica under a different light: its rustic and flat countryside is criss crossed by trails, all easy to ride along.
The bicycle path, recently realized, goes along the road, separated from the car traffic and can easily be reached by train using the Roma-Lido light railway and stopping at Ostia Antica station.

As you drop off the train, turn right and ride on the sidewalk along via Ostiense, to reach the traffic light at the crossroad with via di Castelfusano.
From there to the left the Castle of Julius II is visible as well as the walls of Gregoriopoli: the medieval village that takes its name from the fortified outpost built in IX century by Pope Gregorio IV then enriched by the realization of the Castle, at the times of Giuliano della Rovere, Pope Julius II.
Going to the village to wander around is easy but requires a due level of caution because you’ll need to cross via Ostiense and via del Mare  (both traffic roads with high car traffic) using the crossroads.

From the village, riding a few meters down the road along via dei Romagnoli there’s the entrance to the Archeological park of Ostia, that makes this area known to the World.

If instead you are more keen on riding, from the traffic light just keep on following the bicycle path, going up the slope of the overpass of the railway.
Turning right there’s the Burial ground of Ostia Antica and the dirt road that goes through the estate of Pianabella, an agricultural area characterized by the pine forest of Procoio and the ruins of the roman necropolis (not accessible, though).

Remaining on via di Castelfusano, the first section of the bicycle path going towards via dei Pescatori is crossed by several car crossings, necessary to reach the shops and restaurants located on the right side of the road; thus be sure to pay attention there.

As the path is flanked by the trees, riding along the bicycle path becomes completely safe. On the left side of the road there’s the sports complex owned by Francesco Totti’s family (who still represents an icon in international soccer and a living symbol of calcio for the city of Rome) and continuing along the road the Roma Capitol Camping Village (swimming pools and entertainment are also available to visitors), then the residential area of “Maison du Parc” lively with open air activities such as, a canine agility school, an adventure park, a didactic farm with animals on the right side of the path.

VisitOstia - pineta di Castelfusano
  • Length: 3450 meters
  • Average time needed: 15’27”
  • Calories: 190 kcal
  • Addresses:
    Via Ostiense (from Ostia Antica station) and via di Castelfusano
  • Alerts: Average, limited to a section about 400 meters long (next to the cemetery) with car and pedestrians crossings
  • Terrain: tarmac and dirt
  • Difficulty:
    Easy, mostly flat ground.
  • Safety: Safe.
  • Where to park a car:
    Free parking areas are near by Ostia Antica station and on piazza di Castelfusano.

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