Il Pontile and Piazza dei Ravennati

"The meeting point" during the hot Summer nights as well as the beautifil days in Winter, when the favourable weater conditions allow to enjoy the breath taking sunsets of Ostia at their best. Il Pontile (the pier) is definitely a landmark of the city. From there the view is free to wander over the water [...]

Capocotta naturist oasis

Naturism on the coast of Ostia Those who love all over tan, in Ostia have a dedicated area. It is the naturistic oasis of Capocotta, at km 9,300 of via Litoranea. The municipality of Rome was the first to reserve an area to naturism, that is to all over tan. Rome City Council decided it [...]

The Mediterranean Habitat Oasis

The Mediterranean Habitat Oasis is located on the Tiber mouth, near Ostia’s seaplane base. It is a naturalistic oasis of 20 hectares, on what was previously an open air dump, only famous for being the place where Pier Paolo Pasolini was killed and the set of the related film “Ugly, dirty and bad”. Is was [...]

The Coast Eco-museum

It is a historial and anthropogical museum, designed established and run by CRT (Cooperative Research on Territory). It is a private institution born in Ostia Antica in 1978 which aims at promoting recovery, study, archiving and enhancing the historical and anthropological heritage of the coast. A group of researchers who gave life to CRT, since [...]

La Rotonda

The locals call it La Rotonda (the roundabout), but in fact it is a big panoramic terrace, which signs the end of via Cristoforo Colombo , the former via Imperiale designed in 1937 within the project of EUR (Roma Universal Exposition) of 1942. It had to link the city centre to the Tyrrhenian sea. The [...]

Ostia Antica bicycle path

Get deep in the green Castelfusano urban park is one of the largest green lungs of the city of Rome, easily reachable by train. The cycling itinerary along via di Castelfusano is a proposal that allows you to visit Ostia Antica under a different light: its rustic and flat countryside is criss crossed by trails, all [...]

Western Ostia bicyle path

From Il Pontile to the Marina From Il Pontile (the pier) proceeding Westward along the promenade, a 2220 meters long cycling path, heads to the Marina of Ostia. Exception made for the section between piazzale dei Ravennati and via Giuliano da Sangallo (between the beach resorts Elmi and Tio Pepe) where the sidewalk (specially in Summer) might be [...]

Eastern Ostia bicycle path

From Castelfusano to Il Pontile Reaching Ostia by train and exploring the coast: this is our proposal in this itinerary that unveils the seaside of Rome riding a bicycle from Castelfusano station to Il Pontile (the pier). On the Roma-Lido light railway is possible to carry a bicycle. Some rules have to be observed, though: [...]

Pine forest bicycle path

Castelfusano from the train to the forest The pine forest of Castelfusano is one of the largest urban parks of Rome: with its 1160 hectars of public green area, is just perfect for the lovers of open air activities all year round. For this reason the almost entirely pedestrians area is the ideal choice for [...]

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